Trans Prevalence Versus Legal Protection

By charlierocket

My goal for this project was to create a small overview of what transgender means, as well as to hit the tip of the iceberg with the rights and protections that transgender people have while highlighting how common it is. There is very little research on transgender people, so it was difficult to find reliable sources.
In researching this, I found an interesting statement that stated that "the average life span of a transgender person is twenty-three years." I put this in my graphic but out of curiosity went to find the original source. It turned out that this wasn't concrete...


Harry Potter

By TeaLeaf

For this project I wanted to focus on children's literature; more specifically the Harry Potter series. I chose Harry Potter because for many, including myself, the books have had a very large impact on my reading and they define much of my childhood. With the release of the final installment of the film coming out this summer, I felt that it was appropriate to celebrate the success of the novels that made the movies possible. To keep the emphasis on the novels, I tried not to include any information about the movies on my graphic. The overall style of my graphic is to hint at the...



By TeaLeaf

Pick a level. Depending on which level you choose will determine how much money you are given to start off with.

When game starts, you are given the task of building a school for twenty students. You have to purchase books, computers, science equipment, a school building and hire teachers. After one round the school enrolls ten more students. You have to then expand the school and add additional supplies and personnel. However, it is at this point that you are given an option. You can either hire more teachers to keep the class sizes small or same money and make classes larger....


Africa & the Aids Epidemic

By shannotate

My first step was to figure out what I wanted to make an infographic on. This was the most difficult part, for me at least. There was so much I wanted to do but I wasn't sure on how to show it. I had started on an elemental wheel of the different Pokemon types, too ambitious for how I wanted it, and moved to the food industry in America. Once I did some research of the staggering effects of AIDS however, I knew which topic I wanted.
I started by doing more research on the topic. There's a lot of information out there and it's difficult to get it all straight sometimes, with...


Internet and Egypt

By charlierocket

I made this image to make a commentary on how the internet puts a lot of noise and distraction between what is really important in the world. I think it is important to realize that while internet memes are a source of culture today, it becomes a problem if we're all looking at the latest Hipster Ariel no one is paying attention to international crises. While I love Hipster Ariel ("I love the sea / It was too... mainstream") it is completely irrelevant to much of anything.

The linguistic meaning of this piece, "Meanwhile, on the internet" is meant to starkly contrast the image on...


Welcome to the Library

By ModernSelkie

The rules are simple - using the arrow keys and space bar, try and get books to all of the library patrons parachuting down from the sky. If too many people get past you, and are left waiting angrily in front of the library, you lose.

To get a sense of how the game works, watch this video of the game play below. Coding done by Heather Martin. Design done by me. Voice acting by Damian Allen.


In the game?

By shannotate

We view images everyday through media such as television and the internet. Society does not usually stop to think about how their subconscious is perceiving these images, and they simply go about their day without giving it a second thought. However, it is important not to become too familiar with the world around us, therefore it is crucial to look at these images in another light. My image can be analyzed (like all other images) using the same these levels that Roland Barthes uses in his essay titled Rhetoric of Image.

Viewing this image on the simple...


D&D and Government Corruption

By shannotate

* = party/player action.

For enemy stats visit : http://igamethereforeiam.com/2011/04/13/character-stats-dd/
Each player must create a level 10 character. At least one rogue and one monster creature are required. 3 players or more required
You’re part of an apocalyptic futuristic society. The Kingdom of the Eagle and the Clan of the Rising Sun are all that’s left out of billions. This is due to the massive earthquakes that have plagued the world for...


Deadlines and Flatlines

By Gidget

This is a single player game, in which the player is only able to guide the Pac-man inspired avatar across the gaming field in the four cardinal directions using a keyboard. The player begins the game with a blank calendar page as the matrix for game play. Initially the calendar is empty, there are no deadlines occupying any dates and a heart rate monitor at the bottom right of the screen is stable and beeping regularly. As the game begins, clock icons representing time commitments slowly fall from the top of the screen. Once these icons enter the field, the corresponding “deadline”...


Do you know why you Relay?

By noregisjustkelly

The bad times will pass if I don’t blow them up into tragedies. The Al-Anon daily reminder handbook gives this as one day’s snippet of wisdom. Ever since a close friend of mine shared it with me, this quotation has resonated within my mind. While I struggle with something other than alcoholism in my family, my family did experience loss at the hands of cancer. I wanted to keep my collage for this assignment simple; I wanted to do as we discussed in class and let the image speak for itself. If you read my blog, you know that I lost my father to cancer. This...


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