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The Ghost of Cook Road


I was asked to house-sit for an older woman that I had met through my grandparents. She lives on Cook Road, a decent drive away from my own house so I decided to spend the night. I had only spoken to her a couple of days before about watching the house and I felt like all she could talk about was how the house was beginning to scare her with its spirits. I figured she was just reaching that age where everything scares her and spirits are the easiest thing to blame it on. Then, during the night I was there, I heard a strange low humming sound coming from the backyard. I went out to investigate, but found nothing. But, as I was coming back to the house, I saw some movement in the darkness. I quickly whipped out my phone and snapped a shot of what I believed to be some sort of figure. It was moving, so I only caught it in the right side of the frame. It freaked me out and I ran back into the house and turned on all of the lights.


I really like this one because the ghost so subtle that it seems real. If I saw something like this I might actually believe that there was something there and not a manipulated image as it really is. The colors in the image also work really well with the contrast of the black versus the orang-red tone. It makes it extra creepy. This would definitely freak me out.

I like this one because it does seem real! I like that you just used a simple color palate, it emphasied the spooky aspect of the picture.

Excellently done! Very subtle, very spooky. I really like this.

I like the suggestive nature of the form you selected. It is hard to tell which way the head is pointing, but the fact that there is a head shape next to a body shape makes the audience ruminate over the forms.

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