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The NEW Buzz in LA

With regards to my blog spot I created “The Buzz" based on my love of sports that I have had since a young age and that effects just about everything I do from the types of movies I watch to what school I attend. Its general purpose is to keep people informed and updated about happenings in the sports world, specifically basketball this time of year. Sports have become ubiquitous in today's society and it is impossible to pick up a magazine or newspaper without seeing pages dedicated to sports. People often dismiss sports as not important when there is so much going on in the world today, but the point is people dream about sports, they idolize sports players, and for some it is what keeps them going to get them out of bad situations.
Considering my love of sports it only makes sense that I choose to construct an image of basketball, more specifically Blake Griffin. This man means a lot to me because we played AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball together. He gives me inspiration that one day I could possibly be similar to him and be able to make it to the pro-leagues one day; I'm sure that he is that same inspiration to other people that have known him as well. He gives me hope that even though people say that there is a one in a million chance of ever making it to the pro leagues in anything, maybe I could achieve his level of success one day. Many young boys have to face rejection and disheartening comments every day as I am sure Blake Griffin did but he sends a message to young boys everywhere to never take no for an answer and to keep pursuing a dream no matter what anybody says.
This image shows Blake Griffin in powerful dominating poses showing his skill and power as the new face of the Los Angeles Clippers. He is the newest thing coming to Los Angeles and many people are excited about this transition which explains the bright colors and the city background. Blake’s image from University of Oklahoma shows that he had a promising future at the next level due to his prowess in the college level. The top left picture shows his emergence onto the scene in the NBA with his trading card picture. The top right picture represents Blake ability to overcome obstacles. Last year Griffin was sidelined for the entire season due to a pre-season knee injury. Blake returned this year to show everyone just what they missed last year, the way he has been proving himself shows his drive to be one of the premier players in the league. The bottom right image is the jumbotron which hangs high above the court to show the score and replays of eye popping dunks performed by Mr. Griffin. The Top image is Blake dunking on two LA Lakers’ players. This shows that he is fearless even against the top team and top players in the NBA. The final image is that of the Clippers logo. This logo is on the front of Blake’s jersey which shows that all his hard work has paid off, because he is an official member of an NBA team. With all of this said it goes to show that sports have become a big part of our society and not only do people such as the NBA players thrive on the game but entire neighborhoods, communities, and cities revolve around their home team.

Brief Description: 

My image shows the imergence of a new face on the onto the ever growing star scene in Los angeles.
Blake Griffin is on the way to becoming a premier player in the NBA.


At first I did not know what this was a photo of but when I read it, it was very touching seeing your love for basketball and how it all started.

At first I did not know what this was a photo of but when I read it, it was very touching seeing your love for basketball and how it all started.

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