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Helping hands

The quote “picture is worth a thousand words,” represents the idea that a single image can convey different messages to different people. An image described by Roland Barthes is the “Rhetoric of the Image” or several individual parts comprising a whole. Each picture in this image creates one single story. In an image all the different parts that is displayed come together to create a single message. Even a short message that is meant for a small purpose can regain its image after it is interpreted by others. These interpretations are influenced by Barthes three messages of an image, linguistic, coded iconic and non-coded iconic.

In this image, the quote stated by mother Teresa is the linguistic message, which is expressing the meaning of volunteering. It is stating that one doesn’t need to make a big difference in the world by helping millions of people, but just by helping one person and increasing the awareness of lending a helping hand, it will make a difference in someone’s life. Mother Teresa wants to convey the linguistic message that volunteering gives you an opportunity to change lives, including your own. If you're feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by the news of a disaster, volunteering to help can be a great way to deal with that.

The coded-iconic message or the visual connotations of the image is seen here as a hand holding a globe and in the globe it has different pictures coming out of it to show examples and perspectives of volunteering. The globe is becoming less visible because of the growing impact of volunteering. As shown in the picture of the little boy smiling, it is the act of helping change one life that makes a difference in the world and by making it black and white, it represents the hidden emotion of happiness, because under all the sad lonely expression is happiness. brown and bright colors represent necessary need and the shapes show different perspectives worldwide.

The non-coded iconic message, the literal denotation or the recognition of identifiable objects in the image is shown through its broader meaning lending a helping hand to those less fortunate than us can be seen and spread throughout the world. It just takes the better of us to apply this notion. The idea of someone holding a globe in his or her hands is reaching out and showing the impact the world has made so far in helping others. The pictures all children to display the critical need of help. The picture of the boy holding his food in his hands is describes the whole meaning of the image itself, because his hands are used to express the desperate need of help, like a cry for someone to care for him. Each picture shows emotions of the outcome of volunteering and its message of how it can impact even the tiniest life. Barthes ideas all shape the forms of an image and the crucial impact it has on how people view an image.

Attribution: by EDV Media Director found on flikr, Creative Commons Licensed by nojhan, Creative Commons Licensed.
the image of the boy smiling is my own.

Brief Description: 

This image is describing how the helping hands can make a difference around the world. It is showing different images of how someone has helped change a person's life and it is also used to promote the act of volunteer through my blog.


I think you should expand the essay little more.. it looks shorter than it should be.
You might want to look more closely at specific pictures on hands and expand more on analysis.

I really like the photo alot and especially the quote you choose really makes you think that doing one small thing can make such a big impact. Good job!

I really like the photo alot and especially the quote you choose really makes you think that doing one small thing can make such a big impact. Good job!

The first sentence in your second paragraph is rather awkward. I had to read it a few times before I was able to move on to the rest of the paragraph. I think that if you remove the comma from between "mother Teresa" and "is the linguistic message", the sentence will flow better.

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