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Africa & the Aids Epidemic

My first step was to figure out what I wanted to make an infographic on. This was the most difficult part, for me at least. There was so much I wanted to do but I wasn't sure on how to show it. I had started on an elemental wheel of the different Pokemon types, too ambitious for how I wanted it, and moved to the food industry in America. Once I did some research of the staggering effects of AIDS however, I knew which topic I wanted.
I started by doing more research on the topic. There's a lot of information out there and it's difficult to get it all straight sometimes, with conflicting census years and the diversity in Africa itself. After gathering my information, I found a free blank map to use and tried to recreate a more polished feel of the old-style maps colors. I picked the text I wanted to use throughout the whole graphic in order to create cohesiveness in a very disjointed project (animations sometimes are hard to follow).
The animation process was the most difficult. I had to take all the images I had made and put them in a very rudimentary (free) animation program that doesn't let you edit anything. Everything was done by hand.
After learning all of this information on Africa, I decided to see what I could do to help. I found (red), an organization that works towards AIDS efforts around the world. I encourage anyone interested to visit their website.
I believe my final outcome was successful. Repetition was found in font and the map of Africa. Contrast was used with the red on blue background. My alignment was usually always bottom left unless I was making a particularly interesting point, then the alignment would move. Proximity didn't come into play so much in my project, but I kept in mind the conjuncture of the text and the images.



Weird, the animation wont work.

Here it is.

Yeah, the image you see within the node is resized to fit, so it loses the animation in that process. I'll set it so you can click the image here and see the full version, but tinypic works too!

I love your project! Great way to show the data!

This is really excellent. You did an excellent job of conveying the information, and your pacing is extremely well done. :D

This is really clever. I like your use of animation, and I think it enforces your point well. Nice job!

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