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Angry Driving Game

This game is a videogame that is played with at least two players competing with one another. Players play at the same time and try to hit as many pedestrians or other cars in the parking garage as possible using joysticks or regular controls. The higher the anger meter goes, the more points the player accumulates and the player to fill their anger meter first wins the game. Players can see two separate screen shots when playing the game. The first screen view is the inside of a car and the players look out as if they are sitting in the car driving themselves. The second view is an aerial view of the parking lot and shows the different targets, the cars and the pedestrians standing in the lot. There are several other ways of earning anger points, for example you can cut other drivers off, flick them off etc.


I had a lot of trouble coming up with anything that I was so passionate about that I wanted to make a whole game out of it. However, I have been doing a lot of driving back and forth from Fredericksburg to DC for job interviews and was struck by how horrible and mean DC drivers are. I’ve lived in DC my whole life, but it wasn’t until I had to drive through rush-hour traffic for three consecutive days that I came to the realization that these people are crazy. Therefore, this game is a satirical in that the way that you win the game is to become as angry as possible. In order to get your anger meter up, one must purposely flick other drivers off, hit pedestrians and hit into other cars.
This game tries to make the players and anyone who might be watching it realize how deadly and ridiculous driving in DC can be. Some of the aspects of the game might be overkill, but I have over-exaggerated them to make my point that some people might actually derive pleasure from being so unpleasant. For example, there are opportunities for drivers to gain extra anger points and boost their anger meter. Some of these opportunities include flicking other drivers off, crashing into other cars, and hitting pedestrians walking in the parking lot.
While I do not expect people to drastically change their driving behavior during DC rush hour, I do expect this game to cause them to reflect on their driving habits. For example, maybe the next time someone is tempted to lean out the window and flick off the driver in back of them they will think about how much anger they are building up inside of themselves. And, while this game does not seek to make people healthier, that could be seen as one of the side effects. If people were to achieve a perfect score in this game and increased their anger meter, there would be some serious health consequences. If, however, people were to do the logical opposite of building anger, they would see a dramatic change in stress levels and blood pressure. I think that overall this game stresses a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle that starts with changes in driving and rush hour mentalities.


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