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annie.bru's Digital Identity

I enjoyed creating the final project. I definitely hit a few hitches on the way. My first issue was actually getting my domain name running the way it was supposed to be. I realized that I made a mistake earlier mapping my blog to my domain. Whenever I typed in the domain name it rerouted me to the page at blogspot, instead of the other way around. Luckily, I was able to work that out. I ended up linking my blog from this semester to the site as a separate link, rather than trying to combine them. I think this works better for the site because my blog was focused on a fairly specific topic while my site is somewhat broad.

My second issue was the CSS. My website is looking a little rough, because I am still developing skills in CSS. I was able to work out most of it, and get the site to look how I wanted. But CSS is still very confusing to me, and every time I think I understand what I am doing, it does not seem to work out as planned. However, I could tell this time working with it that I understand CSS more than I did in the past.

I decided to include things in my final portfolio that dealt specifically with the digital media class. This is the first class where I have created images or used media other than just writing to make an argument. I am actually very proud of the work I have done this semester, and picked a few of my favorite projects to include in the final site. These projects also represent several of the main things that I am very interested in or pertain to me the most, including rugby, fitness, college, and pop music. The overall product does not have a completely obvious theme, but that is because it is personal to me.

Overall, I think I would like to keep working on my site and my digital portfolio. It is a good foundation for creating a digital presence that I think could legitimately help me in the future. Also, part of creating this portfolio demystified the Internet, making me understand more about how to present information.

Homepage Screenshot: 
Design Process: 

My design process was to make this simple and straightforward. I used gray and blue as colors because they are clean and classy, and also represent how attached I am to this school. Other than that, I wanted the site to be as easy to negotiate as possible. There are links on the side directing to various projects, and an about me tab at the top.

1. Changed paragraph background color to navy
2. Changed text within paragraphs to white
3. Changed whole background to grey
4. Changed headers to light blue
5. Inserted white header at top of page
6. Left aligned white header
7. Inserted blue header at top of page
8. Created black boxes around text
9. Added boxes with white interior
10. Added text under search bar

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