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Boy in the Basement


There is an old legend that circulated around my dorm freshman year. One of the construction workers who helped build the dorm had to bring his son to work with him one day. He brought his son's bike along so he would have something to keep him entertained. His one rule was to not play near the elevator shaft. While the son was riding his bike in the hallway, he got a little too close and plummeted down the 10 stories to his death. To this day rumors of his ghost being seen in the basement are whispered throughout the dorm. Several years ago I ventured into the basement and returned with this photograph.


This is really cool! I like how you kind of have to strain to make out the outline of the boy...and the bike/elevator story is a nice touch! Awesome pic!

This is a really good job.

The transparency level on the ghost-boy is perfect, it really makes the photo spooky.

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