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Camp Stats

The infograph that I created gives statistics on what types of camps are available as well as the activities that they provide. I attempted to make a visual representation of the information by using "tents" to represent camps and colored dots to represent the activities that they might provide. There are two very important things to consider. Firstly, I am terrible at drawing, especially on the computer. Secondly, I am often hopeless at creating charts. I would consider using Prezi a way to manage my computer ineptitude and combine my love of camp and PowerPoint. After figuring out that I could not make an effective triangular "pie" chart in GoogleCharts or Aviary to show the different programs that camps offer, I decided to use the sized dot technique that I discovered in another infograph while searching for design ideas.
I tried to organize my data in a way that is easy to understand, which explains the use of arrows. The last thing that I would want to have is a lost reader. Each arrow or group of arrows points the reader to a different group of statistics about camping. It ended up being a flow chart, which is hard to really align with anything. I suppose the whole thing is aligned at the center in relation to the parent box ("There are around 12,000 camps in the US"). That might be considered "center alignment", which Williams may frown upon, but I couldn't find any other way to align the chart.
I repeated the color theme throughout and used the same icon, a "tent", to indicate camps. Contrast is something that I could have used a little bit more of, but I didn't want to risk my infograph looking like something Las Vegas threw up. The colors are intended to enhance the viewer's experience and make the graph easily read. I used a rather muted palate and made the background an eggshell color, as opposed to a glaring white.



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