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This portfolio website is a product of my final project. Overall this portfolio challenged all the skills I gained throughout the course of the semester in writing through media. I tried to make my site really stand out to viewers with many colors throughout the site. My main purpose for this was to try and catch viewers attention as they search blog sites, so when they see my site and see the colors making them stop and read the site. I also was trying for clarity since we have been stressing clarity through out the whole semester. With just the one paragraph explaining the purpose of this portfolio site. Also with just the five pages, one for each project I have chosen to display. Speaking of that, I decided to show my 5 best projects that I created throughout the semester. The projects consisted of my picture showing the best basketball played in college Kemba Walker, my argumentative paper about why College basketball is better than NBA, my haunted house image, my fly high basketball image, and finally my political checkers game that I created. Overall though I am very pleased with my portfolio and my overall performance in this class. I like the way my portfolio site turned out and how it is presented to the viewers. My viewers of this site would primarily be businesses who are looking for css writers, blog writers, and web site designers. If I was an employer I would think highly about hiring myself, but would test myself to design a new site or wrote a blog about a subject of my choice. This site would show the css skills as well as the blog design skills.

Homepage Screenshot: 
Design Process:

In the custom CSS I changed several things.
1. I underlined the title
2. I changed the color background
3. I put the header as a different color
4. Changed font size for title
5. Maid the title bold
6. I put my link to my actually blog site imbedded into the words
7. After you click on the links the color changes
8. I indented the headline
9. I also made the margins shorter to make things more compact
10. I adjusted the font in the paragraph to make it easier to read.

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