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charlierocket's Digital Identity

Alrighty this is my final project: the online portfolio!
I took the Elements of SEO 1.2 theme from WordPress and set up a pretty cool site.
Changes that I made:
1. I changed the background, uploaded through FTP. The old background was boring and I needed to personalize it.
2. I changed the site icon -> the little CR. This was pretty exciting, I had always been curious about how to change this but had never investigated it. I feel like that icon adds a lot of legitimacy to the site.
3. I filled the two side bars with white so you could read them.
4. Then, I changed the opacity on the bars so that you could read the text on them but also see the background.
5. I changed the text color on the title to make it match better.
6. I put in a new header to make the site look more like mine. I used a .png so that it would be possible to see the background still.
7. I decided that I wanted a mostly blank page with no posts, so I deleted the 404 style sheet so that an error wouldn't display on my page.
8. I changed the font color of "home" to match the page.
9. I edited the footer to say "TheRocket Inc." to make it look more legitimate.
10. I took out the bullet points that were default in the links page because I felt that the were unnecessary.

Homepage Screenshot: 
Design Process: 

I feel really good about this. Recently Jim Groom linked to the trans infographic and besides getting awesome compliments on my graphic, I also got some great feedback on the homepage from him. So, I think that it does its job.
I wanted to not only show some of the work that I've done in this class, but I also wanted to show other stuff I've done online under the CharlieRocket handle. This meant that I linked to my DS106 page, my Twitter and my

I had also been meaning to create a homepage for a while but had never gotten around to it. I feel like that has been the trend this semester with me - I have been meaning to do these things but never got around to them.

I wanted to leave that area blank on the left so that it would draw the attention to the links. There isn't much reason to stay on this page for very long and I wanted to convey that.

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