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Cowboys and Indians

There are two sides to choose from with no maximum of players.

Weapon- Cap Guns
Super Skill- Accuracy

Weapon- Sling Shots
Super Skill- Sneak

Basic Background: Imagine a 6 year old saying this at the beginning of the game- sort of the quick rules...

We meet on the playground after lunch. The side with the most kills wins. There will also be an award system based on the most Epic Kill. If someone gets certain number of kills, they go into Super Cool Mode, which makes them invincible for 10 minutes. Not only do they have super strong impenetrable armor but they can also run super fast, faster than a cheetah.

The idea is to basically get as many kills in, but I like the idea of keeping with the playground tradition of having a never ending game. One that ends with the mother calling the kids in for dinner and then everyone agreeing to pick the game the next day.
Also each team would have their own base and can conquer more land depending on game tactics. For example, if the Cowboys send a guard to stand next to a tree and and Indian kills him then the Indians have conquered that territory.
If you are killed then you have to return to your main base to be healed for 10 minutes. After which you can rejoin the game.

For this game I feel as if an online environment would be the best because that would bring the most number of players together. When we were little we included to entire neighborhood, so by recreating a virtual neighborhood we can take advantage of that feeling.

Character Creation
Everyone is a 6 year old and there are options for:
Skin Color
Hair Color
Clothing (Depending on Cowboy or Indian influences Clothing choices)

I don’t know if I want them to be simple or really complex. Mainly because I can go either way. If the graphics were to be really detailed like most of today’s games, that would anchor the feeling of this being a video game. Yet, if they were simple it would be a reminder that it is based off of a Child’s Game


I want to make the point that violence is found elsewhere besides video games, and I figured it would be kind of ironic to do that in the form of a video game. The first thing that you have to do when you begin playing is to choose a name and create a character. The characters themselves are modeled after 6 year old children and you choose to be either a Cowboy or Indian. Depending on which side you choose, you would get special abilities. In order to recreate the feeling of the playground I feel as if this games would make most sense being played in an online format, with your own neighborhood.

Within the game there are constant reminders that this is a child’s play world, not an adult. First off, time is measured by when your Mom calls you in for dinner. Also there are some seemingly ridiculous bonus powers depending on how you perform in the game. However, all of this is to basically show that children were violent before video games were even a consideration. Are video games violent? Yes. Should young children be playing them? Probably not. Yet sometimes we try to find the easy solution to a problem and overlook that it is actually more complicated. For the most part video games create story lines based on what sells, and what people want to play. For some reason violence sells. Whether or not that is because of the childhood games we used to play or because of a way how our brains work is up for questioning. Yet, through this game, I want people to realize that the answer isn’t simple. That and Cowboys and Indians was so much fun to play!



It's also a great way to shed light on the racist connotations to the game. It's that idea of turning the mass genocide subjected to the Native Americans centuries ago into a child's game - trivializing the event. Nice game! It works on a few levels

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