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Every time I go over to my friend's house, I keep catching glimpses of this guy looking in through the window. The only problem is that I never see him actually in the window, I only see him in the mirror looking through the window. Weird right? My friend swears she's never seen this "guy looking through the window in the mirror before" and thinks I'm a little crazy and paranoid that people are watching us. Well this time I managed to take a pic with my phone that got the window without anyone in it and the mirror with the guy creepin. She believes me now, but new questions arise, who is this guy and why can we only see him in the mirror and more importantly, what does he want?


You did a great job with this image. It is creepier when the ghost can only be seen in the mirror. It adds an element of danger.

i really like your picture. I love the idea of only being able to see her in the reflection of the mirror!

I also really like how you put the ghost only in the mirror - super creative!

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