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Dice Baseball

This is a two player game. The game duration is 9 innings. 1 inning is completed when both players hit and pitch getting 3 outs at each spot. Each player will roll one 6 sided die, and the player with the higher number wins that sequence. The pitcher will always roll first, and if the pitcher is the one with the higher number then that produces 1 out. Once the pitcher collects 3 outs that half inning is over and the players switch roles. If the hitter is the player with the higher number then you take that number and subtract it from the pitchers number producing the type of hit (number of bases the player moves). Hitter's Number - Pitcher's Number = 1 Single, 2 Double, 3 Triple, 4 or 5 Home run. At the end of 9 innings who ever has the most runs wins Dice Baseball.


I decided to create a game in order to show clarity in the game of baseball. I created Dice Baseball to show just how easy the game of baseball is to follow. People also say how hard it is to follow the game of baseball; therefore Dice Baseball helps people who do not normally play baseball and those who do play baseball take on the game of baseball in a board game simulator. Obviously this board game does not take in all externalities in the game of baseball such as; the type of pitch thrown, balls and strikes, defensive plays, and errors made by both offensive and defensive players. Overall though the board game Dice Baseball takes on the simplest form of baseball dealing with just hits, runs, and outs showing audience how runs are scored and the reason for outs. Hopefully this game will show how simply baseball is to follow allowing more people to be fans of America’s past time. Baseball is America’s game being one of the most highly respected and viewed game. I feel it should become the most highly viewed and respected game in the world. Currently though outside factors are affecting this possibility. These factors are the usage of steroids in the game of baseball, which affects how people look at the game accusing players of cheating. This is a whole other subject, but overall this game is showing the simplicity of the game of baseball. I am also hoping that this game will inspire people to want to become fans of the game of baseball and even to play the game of baseball. Being a fan of a team is one of the best things to be. Living and dying by your team’s win and loses is a rollercoaster ride that all people should be apart of. Being a fan when your team wins a championship and wearing your teams colors or logos is plain and simply a great feeling. I am hoping that this game, Dice Baseball is apply to help people move towards being this type of fan.


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