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A Divided Nation

The goal of this infographic was to convey some of the information I've uncovered about Belgium in the course of my research. I was actually really pleased with the result, even though I had to remove much of the information I wanted to add for the sake of space and time. At first I had a hard time figuring out what to use for this project, since I am more familiar with Illustrator than some other vector editors, but I wasn't about to shell out major money for it or spend hours in one of the labs on campus. I ended up creating some of the images in Raven before eventually downloading Inkscape to finish the project off. I did use GIMP to edit some of the images I had used in the image assignment as well as to fix some of the vectors I had created in Raven. I think the hardest part was trying to find the right balance between text and image without the infographic looking to crowded, which is partly why I decided to drop some info that I thought would be interesting, but turned out not to be relevant. Most of the time I made things up as I went along, such as the flags of Wallonia and Flanders in the background. I had wanted to incorporate them some way into the graphic, and I had seen the technique used before, so I tried it and ended up really liking the result.
As far as William's Four Principles go, I think Repetition and Contrast were the strongest elements in my work. My palette was bright but simple, since it was based on the Belgian flag, so the color contrast worked well in my opinion. I also used the repetition of color to represent certain elements (Black for Flanders, Red for Wallonia), which ties things together nicely. As far as Alignment goes, I tried to avoid centering things as much as possible, unless they were labels. I wasn't particularly creative with it, but you can see that I tried to align things around a center line. Proximity was hard due to the space issue, but I used headings to indicate different ideas, and in the footer the source information is different from the author information through the use of space. I tried to use space efficiently, but not make it look cluttered.
I know somebody out there is probably sick of hearing about Belgium from me, but I hope this is interesting anyway!


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