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The Dream Act

After two attempts to pass the Dream Act, both times were unsuccessful. The first attempt for this act was August 2001, and the second attempt was March 2009, both ended up having new revisions made to the original act. With the failure of passing this act million of good students are being denied basic opportunities for higher education. Every year about 65,000 undocumented immigrants graduate from high school. Most of the students who graduate are on the honor role, take part in leadership roles, are star athletes, but all of them have a thirst for knowledge. The majorities of these students seek for higher education but are being denied just because of the paperwork they have. Without the Dream Act passed immigrants students cannot apply for financial aid, in some states in- state tuition, attending certain school, and scholarships. In 2009, a poll was taken and calculated that about 66 percent of undergraduate students receive some help from financial aid. With the economy at its worst may students who have been given this privilege, do not take advantage of it. With the economy at its worst, the cost for higher education is very expensive. If the Dream Act gets approved every student who has lived at least five years in United States and has “good mortal character”, will be permitted to obtain conditional permanent residency. With this, they will be able to have some of the same opportunities as any other student. By also following the requirements in the end they can receive permanent residency, which can lead to citizenship. The expectations are that you attend either an institution or the military for two years, after finishing high school with a diploma or having a GED. By being part of the Dream Act students take responsibility being in charged of themselves throughout this complex process. The comparison between incomes from a person who has received higher education is vast than from a person who did not received an education. You would think that a purpose as pure as this one would pass but there are always moderations being made to the requirements and outcomes that are not yet agreed on. Most of these students who are waiting for the Dream Act are regular students who have lived here for most of their life. They call the United States there home, they are just regular students trying to fulfill their dreams. Without the Dream Act passed, we are only affecting the future of this nation.
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