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Drinking Age in the U.S. should be Lowered

The drinking age in the United States should be lowered because it often only leads to underage drinking and binges. Binges are extremely detrimental to one's health as it could lead to many poor decisions and health issues including liver damage. I believe that if the drinking age in the United States was once again lowered to 18, the excitement novelty of being able to drink would decrease, and people would be less tempted to go on binges. I also believe that if the drinking age were lowered, people would learn their tolerance better and be less inclined to engage in dangerous behavior. As seen from this image, other countries such as Mexico with lower drinking ages have less alcohol consumption per capita than the United States.
I created this image using both powerpoint and paint. The background and the words were created on powerpoint. I attempted to use a color theme that I believed would be visually appealing, but at the same time would not take away from the image and the message I was trying to get across. I used clip art and paint to create the wine bottle and wine glass, as well as the wine being poured from the bottle into the glass.
I wanted to be able to visually depict the differences in alcohol consumption between two countries with different legal drinking ages. I wanted to show that in Mexico, for example, where it is legal to drink at 18, there is less alcohol consumption than in the United States, where it is only legal to drink at the age of 21.
I attempted in incorporate Robin Williams’ four principles to enhance my message and my image. I used repetition of the images as well as proximity so that the viewers would be able to more easily compare the data from the two countries. I used contrast between the almost empty and almost full glasses in order to make a statement about alcohol consumption. Finally, I aligned the images in the center for easiest viewing and to ensure that there was no way that someone could miss the point I was trying to get across with this image. I hoped that these techniques would be beneficial in creating a visually appealing image that would also display a message that I believe is important.


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