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The Endurance

The Endurance Expedition was certifiably the most shit-tastic time you could have on a boat. Their goal was to be the first crew to cross the Antarctic continent, but their ship became trapped in the ice. They were forced to attempt to escape across the ice after their ship sank. Nearly every possible catastrophe occurred, but somehow the entire (human) crew survived. While they did not reach Antarctica, or the pole, Shackleton, leader of the expedition, was the first to ever cross the Island of South Georgia.

The infographic is only very roughly representative of distance and time. The crew spent months trapped in the ice, and months on the ice after their ship sank. While the Wikipedia article on the subject was used to create the infographic, there is a documentary which tells the story with much more feeling, and is narrated by Liam Neeson. The film is entitled The Edurance and it is directed by George Butler.

I wanted the infographic to be as simple as possible, because my early attempts failed due to the complexity of the story. For that reason, I selected starkly contrasting colors for the line drawing and repeated the same text style and color throughout. I greatly simplified the course of the endurance, but I roughly aligned the text with where the real world objects are. Proximity clearly conveys physical proximity, as when the captain and some of the officers made the journey to South Georgia to ask for a rescue.


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