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Facebook Clairvoyance


During the ice storm last week, my dog started into her full body-wiggle, which is her way of saying she needs to go outside. I was slow to remove myself from the couch, so she took her request to the next level with her original series of melodic, staccato tones. I grabbed my phone on the way to the backdoor and slid the glass open for her. She rocketed into the backyard.

While waiting for her to complete her business, I snapped a picture of the icicles that formed on our back stoop railing and gazebo. I took a minute to upload the picture to Facebook to show our California cousins what they were “missing.” Shoving the phone back in my pocket, I opened the door again to call her in. She came galloping towards me at full speed, hit the sheet of ice on the patio and went all bambi-legged before crashing into a cooler left over from summer parties.

As soon as she regained her footing she started growling and barking at the grill in front of the gazebo. She acted like she was going to attack the grill. Annoyed at the inconvenience, I gingerly navigated the ice, grabbed her collar and coaxed her inside.
After getting her calmed down and making sure she was okay, I went back to my spot on the couch. As soon as I sat down my phone began to buzz in short bursts. Looking for the source of the message, I realized I was receiving a flood of Facebook notifications. I followed the link to the picture I posted. It had received over 30 responses in just a few minutes. My breath caught when I looked at the picture. The icy apparition had only been visible to my dog and the lens.

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