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Flower Girl


My grandmother always used to tell me the story of the little flower girl, Phyllis. Phyllis was grandma's younger cousin who had been volunteered to walk down the aisle, throwing roses at my grandmother's wedding. She had offered to go pick the flowers herself in the back of our now old house, in the forest where we'd walk our dog. I doing so one day and came upon this field of white flowers and saw a quick flash of white light. My camera was able to capture details that my eye couldn't see, and when I got home to develop the film, this is what I saw. They had looked for Phyllis for hours after she went missing, but all they found was her bouquet of white roses.


Awesome, creepy kid by the way. I like the flowers, they add to the image.

that's an awesomely blurry image! that's pretty realistic. well done!

This is actually kind of beautiful, which probably isn't what you're going for, but it works. The white flowers against the green grass is really pretty, and then adding in the little girl with the white dress works really well with the colors already present. I feel like when a photo like this ends up "matching" colors or using colors that work together, it really makes it more believable. Well done!

I like this one because it seems to be the typical ghost picture... it is super eery but also kind of ethereal...

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