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The Gay Rights Game

Set of cards under 5 main topics.
Two or more players, one homosexual, at least one heterosexual.
Roll a dice to determine orientation.
First player to roll a 3 is homosexual..
Only one player regardless of number of players can be homosexual.
Take turns drawing a card. When you draw a card you read the situation and the outcome for your sexual orientation. If the outcome is negative or if you already have a card from that category, you discard the card. If the outcome is positive then you keep the card.
The first player to have at least one card from each category wins.
The player who is homosexual can never win.


The objective of "The Gay Rights Game" is to show how unequal society is when it comes to gay rights.

I chose to only have one player be gay because especially with larger groups it shows how much of a minority the LGBT population is. It has been said that 10% of the population is not heterosexual, much less than the 90% that is.

For the straight players the game is about luck. Almost all outcomes for heterosexual players are positive so they just need to draw one of each card before the other heterosexual players to win.

There has been much discussion of gay rights recently especially in regards to gay marriage. There are 1138 rights granted to married couples under federal law which members of the LGBT community are not allowed due to gay marriage not being legal in America. I chose to include some of these rights in the game as well as some other non marital LGBT issues to make the game more interesting and educational.

For example, I included the Boy Scouts in the game. It was rulled in 2004 that the Boy Scouts could ban homosexuals from serving as troop leaders in their orginization.

Although it is not on the mockup, I planned to include blood donations as well. The Red Cross bans anyone who has had sex with a gay man from donating blood because of the stigma that 'gay men have AIDS.' This stereotype still exists despite the fact that African Americans have higher rates of HIV and AIDS than gay men and African Americans are still allowed to donate blood.

I wanted to use humor to prove a point as well. Any cards that the homosexual player can win are often ironic and humorous. Take the 'Unprotected Sex' card as seen in the mockup. I have joked with my friends that being gay is the best form of birth control since two women or two men being intimate can not result in an unplanned pregnancy. For a heterosexual player, the 'Unprotected Sex' card says that they had unprotected sex, resulting in an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, not a great thing. For the homosexual player the 'Unprotected Sex' card says that the sex was amazing.

I wanted "The Gay Rights Game" to prove a point, that the gay rights movement may be the new civil rights movement.


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