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Get to know what your dream is like

For the first level, the players need to put effort to have whichever professional jobs they desire. The main method is very simple. They need to study hard. There will be several simple questions that are similar level as in elementary school, and they need to answer them. The questions can be any math, history, English or science. If they get it wrong, the answer will be provided. After practicing about 30 questions, players will take an exam at the end. A total of 24 questions will be given, and they need to earn at least 20 out of 24 to pass the exam. The questions on exam will be based on materials they practiced earlier. After passing the first level, the player will get to choose a teacher or doctor.

The second level is harder to manage than the first one because players actually become teachers and doctors. The players will manage the character and their goal is to work successfully. For the teacher, the character needs to wake up at 7 a.m. everyday to go to school by 8 a.m. The players will give the breakfast to character, and wash him/her to get ready. At 8 a.m., the school starts, so the character will teach students from 8 to 12 O’clock. The players can choose any subjects they want to teach. During class, teacher will experience several students who make trouble. When players click the text box, there are two options which are conversation and teach. The player will choose appropriate conversations that are already in the text boxes to stop students from making trouble. They can give them detention or suspension according to the trouble that the students made. If they fail to manage students well, then the stress level of teacher will increase and the health level will decrease. It is important to keep up the health level because if the condition of character becomes very bad, then the character will summit resignation and quit the job. If the character quit the job, player lose the game. The teacher teaches students by asking questions about subject. It is ready in the text box when players click “teach”. There are several questions listed so teacher can ask questions to students. The students will answer the question automatically. If the student answers it wrong, then players need to fix it by choosing right answer from listed answers. After teaching classes, the character will eat lunch and teach rest of classes until 2:00p.m. Afterschool, the teacher will study to teach classes for tomorrow. When it is done, rest of the time is free time. Players can make their characters exercise, meet friends, or do other activities to maintain the character’s condition. At 10:00 p.m, character goes to sleep.

As a doctor, the players will manage the character to work well with patients in a hospital. Doctors will wake up in the morning at 8:00a.m. and get ready to go to the hospital at 9:00a.m. From 9:00a.m to 11:00a.m, the doctor will walk around the hospital making sure patients are fine. He/she will check the patients one by one to record their conditions. The doctor should make some comments or ask questions to patients. The players can choose statements from text box. The text box will appear if players click each patient. After checking patients’ conditions, the doctor will examine the patients who came to hospital for medicine. Again, conversation is needed so that players can give appropriate prescriptions. Different types of prescriptions will be displayed when the conversation is done. There are 4 options of prescriptions to choose which are drug A for cough, drug B for fever, drug C for pain, and drug D for stomach ache. Players need to choose an appropriate prescription according to the conversation they have with the patients. After working until 1:00p.m, doctors will have a lunch and come back to work at 1:30 p.m. Doctors will work again giving out prescriptions or advising patients what to do. Players need to keep out the schedule to see if there is any surgery schedule. If there is one, the doctors have to participate in surgery at the right time. If the players fail to manage all of the work, the stress level will increase and the health level will decrease. If conditions get worst, the doctor will quit the job. Again, if the doctor quit the job, the player lose the game.


This game is for the students in elementary school who wants to become any professional in the future. When I was young, my dream changed several times from doctor, to nurses, and even to movie star. However, when I became a college student, I realized that it is not easy to be professional in any area. When I worked in pharmacy to get to know about this profession, the working environment was not what I imagined.

Since it is a game for young students, the game should not be difficult or heavy. Therefore, this game will be light material for those students to get to know about their dream. It will help them to explore occupations that they are interested in. The game will come out in several versions. The first version will be most famous two occupations, which are teacher and doctor.

In reality, teacher and doctor are the most meaningful jobs because they work for people who want to learn and who want to be healthy. However, they are not as easy as they look. First, in order to become a teacher or doctor, the higher education is required. The first level of game will be “become a teacher/doctor”. Players will get to know what are needed in order to get those jobs. They will learn what kind of educations is required and they will fail the game if they don’t keep good grades. To get to the next level, they will need to pass the exam. The questions on tests will be same level as materials in elementary school. For the second level, players are now real teachers and doctors. Players will learn about the real environment and predicaments of professional jobs. For teachers, they will know how hard it is to handle the students and teach well in order to make students learn successfully. For doctors, they will know the things doctors do everyday to take care of patients, and how much they work to treat patients.

By learning in details about occupations, they will know which job is interesting. Some students will put more effort on their work to become teacher or doctor. This game will help them for decision making because it is better to have a definite dream rather than having vague dream which can change over and over.

This game is made not only to teach them about professional jobs, but to teach them that nothing can be gained without effort, and nothing can be earned without suffering. They will know that the license and degree will not be gained without efforts to study. Also, they will know money and honor will not be earned without suffering in professional field.


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