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Ghost Spotted


While traveling through Brazil I stopped by a tourist town called Campos do Jordão where I visited Palácio Boa Vista - a mansion where government officials often stay. Many years ago, my grandfather worked for the Brazilian government and often took his family (including my mom) on trips to stay in this mansion. My mother has told me many stories of her times there, including ones of strange events that she witnessed while staying there. I had never witnessed any of these events and always thought my mother was just trying to frighten or intrigue me. However, when I was there going on a tour of this mansion, I passed through the courtyard and took a picture. I did not notice anything while I was there, but when I got the picture developed I noticed the ghost of a man - who I assume was a government official - walking through. I am now convinced that ghosts of past government workers haunt this mansion and I no longer doubt the wild stories my mother used to tell me.


I like that you combined history with family in this photo. The story enhances the picture in this case. I like that the "ghost" looks like he could be an official government worker. Also the fact that everything seems to be gray with a touch of green adds to the eeriness...

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