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Have you seen this boy?


A couple was walking through the woods one day at twilight. The sun was setting behind them as they strolled when they heard rustling in the fallen leaves beyond the path. Looking to the left, they saw a shadow run past them. The young boy's red shirt was a blur as he ran and hid behind a tree. Peeking out from behind the trees, he smiled at the couple and waved. Stunned and scared, the two ran out of the forest and straight to the nearby police station. On the bulletin board just inside the precinct's doors, they saw the same little boy smiling down at them, red shirt and all. His picture hung beneath the bold words MISSING: HAVE YOU SEEN OUR SON?


i like this, subtle, but no doubt the outline of a boy is there. the blood red sunset gives an eerie glow to the overall picture as well.

This looks like a still from a video game. I love the photos that you chose to blend.

Your blending of the boy into the photo is really clean. This looks really cool and the ghostly color of the boy against the red light actually works well.

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