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Home Away From Home

At the age of five, I remember being on the beach of Emerald Isle, North Carolina. 18 years later, Emerald Isle has become my home away from home. I am overwhelmed with joy when I reminisce through all the memories that my summers spent in North Carolina have given me. The image I have uploaded and modified is a picture taken by my Aunt Mary of the beautiful August sunset in Emerald Isle. In the horizon, you can see the faces of my family members who I have spent these amazing summers with. When I look at the image I see the picture of my family "looking down" on the place where we have created so many memories together. Going on summer vacations to Emerald Isle was something that my siblings and I always looked forward to. We would loose sleep and scream with excitement when we pulled into my grandparents driveway. As we grew up, the idea of spending 2 weeks with the family was less exciting and became more exhausting. However, as the 2 weeks came and went, I was always sad to say goodbye to my family and the place that brought us so close together.

In addition to portraying the importance of family in the image, I also would like to emphasis the growth and maturity I have individually experienced during my 18 years spent in North Carolina. Although, I only spend 2 weeks out of the year in Emerald Isle, I would like to think that it has provided me with so much. I am looking down on the place that has given me so many positive memories, and I would love to carry those memories into my adulthood and "post" college years. I am surrounded by the people who have shown me so much love and supported me through my 22 years of life. Without my family I would be an entirely different person. Therefore, I would like to think of this image as something that clearly represents the growth I have experienced through the past years and the family that has allowed me to do that.

One thing that I really like about this photo, is that it lacks any sort of relation to technology and the fast-paced world that we live in. During most weeks out of the year, I am dependent on technology to keep my entertained. When this picture was taken, I was feeling invincible. I was the happiest I had felt in months, and there was absolutely no need to resort to Facebook or Youtube as a means of entertainment. I am completely content being in a beautiful place and taking a step back from reality and resorting back to "simpler" days. Those days don't really exist anymore.

My grandparents are in this photo, and it is funny to think about how much our society has changed since they were kids. They are baffled when they see how much we have grown and how much the world around them has grown to. When they were younger, computers, televisions, and i Pods didn't exist. It's so wonderful to hear about my grandparents childhood and compare there's to mine. They lived in a time so much simpler then our own. My grandmother has a facebook, and she is not a very good facebook friend. Her status updates get placed under random photos, and she is easily offended when she feels neglected by her family members on facebook. Its funny to go on her facebook page and see the ridiculous things that she posts.

The last thing I would like to say about this photo, is the sunset. My blog that I am keeping for this class is called "The Little Things." I am blogging about little things that make me happy. I am totally amazed when I see a beautiful sunset. It is part of God's beautiful creation, and I feel the need to stop and appreciate his work.


Photos pulled from Facebook...Mary White, Gindy Thompson McCarthy (with permission)


I love how the people in the photo are acting in a sunsettish type of situation! EI is beautiful so I love that I can relate to the photo.

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