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How Much Sodium Do YOU Ingest?

Ever since I read an article on a health food and diet website about sodium and how it can cause health problems I have been carefully monitoring the amount of sodium in the foods that I eat. I check the back of just about every package, carton and every menu to make sure I stick as close to the 2,300mg recommended serving as possible. You would be surprised at how hard it is to follow the FDA’s guidelines. For instance, an example I used in my project was pancakes. A serving of pancakes from a fast food restaurant comprises almost half of your total daily sodium. Also, before I went to Qdoba, I checked the sodium count on a plate of nachos. The sodium count exceeds the recommended daily value. According the MayoClinic’s online resource, too much sodium can be harmful to your blood. The kidneys are responsible for regulating how much sodium is in one’s body at any given time. They either store the sodium if your body is deficient, or they excrete it in the urine if your body has too much. If your kidneys cannot get rid of the sodium at a proper rate, however, it could leach into your blood stream. Sodium in the blood can lead to “congestive heart failure, cirrhosis and chronic kidney disease.
For this project I chose to chart a few foods, and beverages that I consume in a given weekend. I decided to use cartoon pictures to give it a more sensationalized look and to lighten up a dense subject. I also used the arrows that span from the picture to the sodium count to reflect how much sodium is in the given food product, or beverage. For example, the arrow pointing from the pancakes to the number is much longer because it represents a much higher sodium count. Because I used pictures in my project, I kept the rest of the color scheme as minimal as possible. The background is white and the font is black, and the arrow is orange to stand out from the rest of the colors. I used repetition of the arrow to make my argument more consistent. I used contrast of the colors, like black white and orange to make the words and argument stand out more. I also used more colorful, whimsical pictures to pique a reader’s interest. I used proximity to show the different sodium levels in contrast to the others. I aligned the images one on top of the other to also contrast the levels, almost like a bar graph.


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