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Infographic: Coffee Consumption in the USA

An infographic about the consumption of coffee in the USA, broken down by the amount consumed, how it is consumed, and finally what that means globally.

I used contrast between the white text and coffee stain background to maintain the focus of the piece while adding interest. I selected a serif font for the title and a sans serif for the majority of the text, this creates interest with the title but keeps the majority of the work easy to read. There is contrast with two of the numbers I quote. The numeric portion doesn't always quite fit in with the text around it: it is both bolded and requires the reader to alter the standard flow from line to line. I used this method to both draw attention to the information and force the reader to look more than once at it.

The coffee stain background flows roughly from the top to the bottom left, so I aligned the main facts of the infographic such that the background and the data points drew the eye in roughly the same way.

I used repetition of the style for each data point, as well as for the color scheme and art.

Finally, I selected the fonts and background colors that I did in order to ensure that there was sufficient but not excessive contrast because in order to fit in all my data points I would have to have them fairly close together. I limited the proximity of the text toward the top of the infographic, but allowed it to become slightly more text heavy toward the bottom. I did this to make it easier to begin reading.


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