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jcurtis1's Digital Identity

Overall, I am happy with how my final portfolio turned out. As a complete novice to CSS, Writing Through Digital Media presented a bit of a challenge. Yet I feel like I was able to successfully complete all of the assignments given and display them proudly within this webspace.I wanted to stick with my overall “Green Blog” theme, but perhaps clean up the image a bit and make it slightly more professional. I feel like I accomplished this, as well as showcasing some of my more personal works within the webspace.

I really wanted to incorporate an image I had made myself into the design of this webspace. I accomplished that, tiling my "Our Mother Earth" image into the background. I feel like, as the theme I picked was very simple, this added just the right amount of background interest without taking over the entire space. I also like the categories and custom menus that I was able to create. The menus allow my projects to be split up into various categories, and lump my environmentally themed projects together. As this is my passion in life, I did not want to gravitate too far away from this ideal. However, I think it was important to have a category for “Random Projects” to hold the interest of those who are uninterested in Environmental topics. Yet I believe my portfolio is more geared to an audience which shares similar environmental passions to myself.

Apart from showcasing all of my Digital Media projects, I was also able to incorporate my Environmental Science thesis paper. As this is on a similar subject to some of my media projects, I felt like it flowed well with the overall theme. It is also a project of which I am exceptionally proud. If a potential employer were to stumble upon this portfolio, I feel like it would show that I am passionate about certain environmental issues. Also, I think it displays versatility in the fact that, although my background is not in computers, I have acquired a basic knowledge of code and creating a webspace and digital identity.

Homepage Screenshot: 
Design Process: 

• Worked with original blog – mapped domain to
• Changed theme from a nature-geared theme to “plain blog template”
• Reentered all images into media library
• Created custom menu and added widget to theme
• CSS changes:
o Added 2px, black border to all images
o Added padding to all images
o Changed body background color to dark green
o Changed font color to dark green
o Increased font size
o Imbedded an image from media library into the background
o Tiled and repeated background image
o Made header background green
o Put green border around header
o Added border padding
o Made background of main content light blue
o Added a green, 2px, border around individual posts
o Padded post border so that right column of menus still appeared

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