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My image is one that through a mixture of several different pictures represents my journey to becoming an educator. One of the most exciting things about becoming a teacher is that there is never a final destination, just a very exciting journey with many different stops along the way. By saying there is no destination does not mean that the journey is without purpose, but it allows the person on the journey to continue learning and to continue exploring different paths.

The outline and anchor of my image is that of an apple. The apple, which is a universal symbol for teachers and educators, encompasses the rest of the pictures showing the ultimate goal that I have of becoming a teacher. By placing the rest of the pictures within the apple it symbolizes that many aspects of my life are in one way or another tied into becoming a teacher. In addition to this, many things have had to be put on the back burner so that I, as an individual, can devote a majority of my time to making myself the best teacher that I can possibly be.

The background image in the main part of the apple is one of a dirt road. The dirt road symbolizes to me the beginning of a journey and the many different adventures that one might find along that journey. By having a dirt road rather than, for example, a road in a busy city is a symbol that even though there might be people, places and events that I pass along the way, I am the one that is responsible for the outcome, even though I rely on support and help from those close to me. Superimposed on top of the dirt road is a picture of me walking down the road. In the picture I am walking down the road to whatever lays ahead. However, in the picture I have stopped and am taking the time to turn around and to acknowledge where I have come from and those that are behind me. By making myself an active participant in the image, I am visually representing the type of teacher that I hope to be. Rather than being static image, by being an active participant I am engaging in every aspect of my journey.

Superimposed on top of that is a picture of a map. This map serves the purpose to show visually that there are many different paths and many different directions that I can take. By making the picture of the map transparent it alludes to the fact that there are many different paths that can be taken and that nothing is certain. While some of these paths might be dead ends there is always a way to turn around and get back on track. In the leaf of the apple are pictures of family members and other individuals that are important to me. Pictures include my parents, brother, grandparents, friends and my boyfriend. These people represent what is important to me and what gives me encouragement to make the right decisions. I think it is appropriate to here quote something that my dad used to tell me all the time: “Remember who you are and what you stand for.” All of these people represented help me to remember what I stand for and most importantly who I am.


Dirt Road. by ianmunroe Creative Commons Licensed.

[Map of Boston and vicinity] by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center Creative Commons Licensed.

Apple Outline by WP Clipart Creative Commons Licensed.

Picture by Justine Rothbart, used with permission.

All other pictures are property of Virginia Stratton

Brief Description: 

My picture is a visual representation of my journey to becoming an educator.


This is so cool! I want to be a teacher to so I immediately understood what your image was about, which is really awesome. I really like your use of layers and the fact that you can see the map in the apple. The pictures in the leaf also add a lot to the image. Well done.

I really like this. Although my blog is completely lacking in content at the moment, I'm also writing about teaching, and I was thinking of doing an apple based image. Yours combines a lot of the themes I had bouncing around in my head that I hadn't really pieced together yet!

I really like this, before i even read the essay i knew that it was about education. Very well done.

I really like the image you created because it makes sense to me and really shows what you were trying to outline. I've thought about being a teacher, and I come from a long line of teachers and you're absolutely right when you said it's a never ending journey because there is always something new to learn.

Super clever use of images! I love the education centered blogs! It's always fun to hear stories from future educators you don't know.

Super clever use of images! I love the education centered blogs! It's always fun to hear stories from future educators you don't know.

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