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kalki's Digital Identity

The site reads like blurbs from a funny/crazy memoir, which is great because I plan to write one before I kick the bucket. The site quite aims to entertain its readers/viewers, and I'd like to add more writing to it (whether still in the form of autobiography or in short stories) and videos of performances as I pursue my new, less-than-conventional drag hobby. (I just learned how to moonwalk, so I won't be moving on for a bit.)

I change interests (and beat chronic illnesses that define me) really quickly, but I have been left with a lot of knowledge and opinions about weird abstract matters (the link between stress and the thyroid gland, religion, gender, etc.), and I think this site would a great place to explore them in a quick, entertaining way. I want to link the "thyroid madness survivor" image to a page about what I went through, talking about the importance of not leaving your health in the hands of your GPs and endocrinologists. (The web could always use another thyroid activist.)

I'm really happy with this site so far; I love the look of it and I'm looking forward to tacking more tabs onto it and seeing what it morphs into. I feel like it gives me a reason to pursue the creative things that I really love to do, and I would hope that by keeping it up I would begin to produce a really decent "portfolio" of writing and other odds and ends that I could direct people to when they ask what the heck I'm about, as my on-paper, black-and-white resume is a lot of nothin' because I've been so cripplingly sick.

Stop by later.

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One depressing night I wrote up this bio for a laugh, and as I was trying to figure out what to do with this site, I decided to make it its starting point. The header spawned from there, and the pink/gray/white color scheme I made seemed to fit the funhouse. Beginning this site was terrifying because I don't really know how to code (I had to give up on changing the search bar to a "seek and ye shall not find!" image because I couldn't get the hideous green Search text to disappear), but I figured out a few things like adding a background pattern, a favicon, blimping up the text that I wanted to be blimped, changing the ahover color, and so on, but I like the way it looks at the moment and don't feel the need to change anything else. I was aiming to make the site look flashy and entertaining with a lot of freeing white space, and looking at what I came up with, it looks like an advertisement for some sort of Augusten Burroughs-y memoir, like, How to Halt Your Existential Crisis and Save the Future of Your Delicately Pumping Thyroid! ...But I'll get to that in the next description box.

After creating the bio and slapping a video of myself on the front of the site to grab visitors' attention, I started creating links from the bio to other potential pages. Project-wise, the site turned into an Easter egg hunt sample of how I write, and since I made the site so open in its content (drag pictures, funny blurbs about my "life," opinions, etc.), I really want to go back to it after finals week and continue to add to it.

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