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KayTee07's Digital Identity

I am pleased with my site overall. I had high hopes for the chance to get my works online (with the need to apply to jobs looming over my head, it's always nice to have a resume-builder option) and organized. I wanted to create something that really showed not just my skills, but a little something about me as well. I was happy to locate some fairly cool pictures I had taken over the years and upload them to the site; I feel that the "Photos" section gives it a nice "me" touch. If employers decide to check out this site, there is a chance that they will ho-hum through a few of my analyses, or check out a feature piece to see what my writing style is like. But then, they could get to the photo sections and have something to visually latch on to as well. It's a nice way to just throw in a little something that will help me be remembered, without being too heavy-handed about it. We are in the digital age now, and having a site like this to refer employers to could really help my resume stick out from others. You have to keep the resume simple- so you shorten you life experiences into choppy sentences so that businesses can read them as quickly as possible. But this could help me stand out against Joe No-Website during the initial process of choosing candidates! Or at least, I hope it will. Overall, I did have a great time working on it, and it helped refresh me on a few of the CSS codes I had started to forget (sorry to admit it, but it was slipping away). Additionally, with regards to CSS, because I can claim partial manipulation of the layout of this site, I can mention this to any potential employers whom may be interested in hiring someone that has at least a vague understanding of the foreign language that is CSS. :)

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I used a previously a previously set up blog format "Ad Clerum 1.0" by Nate from Theme Terminal. What drew me to this theme was the layout and the position of the photos one the left and right hand side of the blog. But I removed the photo from in between these two images and replaced it with the new background I added, to sort of give that section a "see-through" feel. I replaced the photos with two pictures from France (which I altered the height and width of and hand to play around with the alignment until it all fit) that I found available through Creative Commons (I thought that the print of my wallpaper looked Parisian for some reason, so I went with that theme!) I changed the color of some of the fonts, and changed the fonts as well. I could not stand the serif font that had been chosen. I also removed the border to make way for the background image. I added tabs to the top menu area to expand the blog and help keep it organized. I wound up with four different tabs along with the main page tab. Within the intro I also included links to each separate page. The photos also have links which allow the images to open into a new page (on the current "Photos" page, they are only thumbnails). I changed the hover color of a few of the fonts as well.

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