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Knocking on my window


I was taking a road trip to Minnesota to visit my grandparents in our RV. It was me, my fiance, my sister, mom, and dad. We had stopped somewhere in Illinois to take a break from driving and to have lunch. We were obviously out in farm country and as I was eating my lunch I was startled by what seemed to be knocking on the back side window. I jumped up eager to see if some random person was trying to get in. To my surprise I saw nothing and no one. My fiance thought that I was losing my mind and that it would be funny to take a picture of me running to the window. When he aimed the camera a jumped out of the view of the camera and snatched it from him. When we finally arrived to my grandparents' house we decided to get the film developed so we could show grandma and grandpa our journey to their house. This is when things got weird. We were going through the prints and came across what seemed to be just a picture taken of the scenery. When we took a closer look there was an image of a smokey face in the picture! I remembered the knocking I had heard and then it clicked. The knocking I heard was from a ghost. This seems crazy, but maybe where we had stopped was the scene of a crime or an accident and someone had some unfinished business to do. Whatever it was, it wasn't visible to me or anyone else in the RV and it still haunts me to this day.

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