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Last photo


I was walking across campus with an old black and white camera when I dropped it. I frantically tried to catch it, but failed. But I bumped it as it fell, and the flash went off. This is the last image on the roll- looks like there is something strange going on there in the bottom left, is that a person?


I really like that this photo is an actual picture of campus because it makes it more real to me. It looks really cool and creepy. I like the black and white. The only thing is that I don't really see the "person" on the bottom left. Where exactly is it? I might just be blind though, so sorry if it's obvious!

Its a little clearer in the larger image. He is kinda slumped over in the bottom left, on the hill.

I really like the idea that you had for this picture. The only suggestion that I have for it is to make the person a little bit more easy see because if you didn't know what you were looking for you wouldn't notice it.

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