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Losing the Nutrients

I wanted to create something with the possibility of visual simplicity. When I came across the information regarding the depletion of minerals from many of our major food sources, I knew there was some major potential to use images and symbols to get across that basic information.
There is the central idea, conveyed by the simple title "Losing The Nutrients." These are the largest words on the page, and should draw attention to them first. I also changed the color and design on the font to draw the eye. I also let the positioning of the words (at a downward "staircase" angle) to fit thematically into the piece, since it can also visually cause the eyes to move down the page. By going down, it could represent the subject (decrease in minerals) of the piece.
I wanted to let the viewer decide where they should look next, after initially reading the title. I felt that no image on this page is more important than the other; it is not necessary to see one first before moving on to the next. So I needed no cues to lead the viewer down a certain visual path. All the images are roughly the same size as the next, to keep one from appearing more important than the other. They’re all important to consider!
I tried to choose neutral colors. I thought that the images themselves were vibrant enough, and by keeping the background white and the fonts loosely correlating with the colors of the fruits/vegetables on the page, it would not be too difficult for the eye to take in. I kept the color scheme in the bolder range, no pastels. An orange in the title that was an echo of the darker color of the cow, red font for the infographics with the apples, a green for the graph that involved predominately green vegetables.
If I had had the space (or an option on the class website to upload another image), I would have added one additional page that would include “why you should care” title and a single graph to show the increase in disease over the same duration of time (about 80 years) that the piece before it showed. Hence, drop in nutrients in our food, rise in disease in the country.


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