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In loving memory

Simply click on the different candles to keep them shining bright


This game consists of only one player. That player ultimately must chose to click on different character’s candle (each character representing someone different) to make them shine brighter. Clicking the candles is the only move of the game. You cannot win or lose this game, it is all about how much or long you want the “memory” to shine. I chose to only use black and white for the primary color scheme other than the flam which burns yellow.
This way the shining light stands out and really allows the player to focus on the key aspect of game, the candle.

Like the game September 12, there is no way to win or lose the game, and the player must choose to keep playing or let the memory fade. My game is trying to argue that though the death of a loved one may be a hard loss, the memories we have of them will never die. Like the candlelight ceremony for the Relay for Life and the people lost in the battle with cancer, the image of the candlelight service mimics this. The different people on the screen can be identified by the shirt they are wearing with their relation to the player. For the player that may not have a particular loved one that has passed away the option to keep the candle burning bright is up to them. For example maybe that player’s grandma is still alive, however, they have a friend who has lost their grandma and may choose to shine the light for them.

There is many ways to interpret this game, and because there is no way to win or lose the choice is up to the player to end the game. To end the game you click the button at the top left of the screen that says “quit.” Once clicking this button the game will go to a new screen with an inspirational quote about never forgetting the ones we love (always the same quote to end the game): “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

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