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lryerson's Digital Identity

Throughout the semester, we have created numerous creative projects which I have never had experience with before. We used new programs, websites, and other tools to create these works. Some of the new things that I used were CSS, HTML, Aviary, UMWBlogs, Tumblr, Twitter, and Prezi. These new tools helped me to further my creativity and enhance my knowledge of internet tools.

In the beginning of the semester, we stated that our goal was to create a positive internet identity. The first day of class, we were told to google our names and talk about what the results were. I remember there wasn't any interesting information about myself on the internet. With this portfolio, when someone googles my name, they will see my website and the things that I have created throughout this semester. Therefore, this portfolio does help accomplish my goals.

I would imagine that the audience for my website will be people who want to know about me and what my interests are, or it could be potential employers. When one day, I am applying for a job, my potential employers may google my name and they will find my website. My blog will look very professional and sophisticated and will provide them with an idea of what I have accomplished in school. They will find my blog very professional and a good indicator of what kind of employee I will be.

The type of employer who would find this site to be a good indicator of what an employee may be able to accomplish would be an employer who works for a music business, or a math business. My pieces are mostly music related or math related. If I were an employer in one of these fields, I would find the site very useful in getting to know the potential employee. For this reason, I would probably hire myself. In the case where I wasn't employed in a math or music related business, I would still find this site very professional and hire myself. This is because when most employers google a job candidate's name, they find unprofessional results. However, upon googling my name, an employer would find a very professional site and would most likely be pleased.

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