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ModernSelkie's Digital Identity

I think that my webdesign front page is very professional looking, and in the style of my blog, which I felt was important for thematic reasons. It did not match as well as I might like (since I was limited in how much I could modify on my wordpress blog, and I had to modify this site as part of the requirement for the project). There are a few things I would change, such as removing the date of the 'post' on the front page. I tried everything I could think of to remove it, but I think that changing that would require me going deeper into the code than this stylesheet would allow me. I feel that this site is very representative of my aesthetic.

Making this site was not without its difficulties, however. I had made a large number of changes to my wordpress site before I realized I was only seeing a 'preview' of the page, and that nothing I'd done was applying to the real site. Then I had trouble successfully linked my domain name to my site, as godaddy had changed their layout and the walk-through on umwblogs was no longer really applicable. But I got everything sorted, and am proud of the results. The domain, as of this moment, hasn't been linked up to my umwblog ( but it is in the process of being linked, and should be by the time of the final meeting tomorrow. I don't know if I will keep this specific site, but I like the design, and it is one i will probably mimic in websites to come.

Homepage Screenshot: 
Design Process: 

In the process of modifying my site, I did several things. 1) I changed the color of the title of the site from black to blue, to match my header image. 2) I increased the line-width of the title. 3) I increased the font size of the title. 4) I inserted a header image of my own. 5) I made the drop down color menu into a hover function, so that 'home' would not be automatically selected with the dark grey color when you first opened the site. 6) I changed the color of the second level of hovering too - I changed it from black to light grey. 7) I changed the bottom margin of the site so that the scroll bar disappeared for the viewer. 8) I changed the alignment of the title. 9) I changed the font of the main part of the site while keeping the title Georgia. 10) I changed the major color scheme of the site from grey/black to green. I did this by going through and changing the color of the footer, the borders of most of the images, the nav li, etc. 11) I reduced the font size of all of the html text so it was invisible, to make it look more like a homepage. 12) I centered the title.

Really, this site is just a home page through which you can access my blog. I was originally intending on modifying my wordpress site, but to alter CSS one has to pay them a yearly fee, which seemed ridiculous to me. On top of that, I had to pay a fee to have the domain linked to my woodpress blog. All of this seemed very silly. So instead, I simply got a umwblogs domain, modified it until it looked similar to my wordpress blog (but different enough that it wasn't the same exact, unmodified theme), and used the menu system to link to my wordpress site.

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