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mooomooo04's Digital Identity

I decided that I wanted to hand-pick those elements that were most important to me over my four year college career. Since I was a political science major I decided to focus on papers that are most relevant to future employment opportunities. I also added a Powerpoint presentation to display my ability to formulate succinct, articulate and effective presentations. I feel as though these two attributes will be the most desirable and bases off of which future employers will hire me.
The layout of this blog site is very simple which helps to highlight my pages in the left-hand corner of the homepage. There is a blue theme throughout the page and it is broken up by the red type that makes the individual blog posts stand out more. Furthermore, I decided to use a gradient as a background so that it could keep with the simplistic motif and would not distract readers too much. At the same time I wanted the gradient to keep with the blue and white theme that the rest of the blog has.
I felt as though my portfolio section deserved a separate page so that it would better highlight the work that I have done. If I had kept it together with my blogs it would have become lost in the wording. I chose different projects that I felt went best with my blog topics and themes that I had written about throughout the semester. For example, I included certain papers like my thesis and paper about United States policy towards Somalia.
Furthermore, I chose different papers and presentations that highlighted my skills in a variety of areas. First, I show future employers that I well versed in both Prezi and Powerpoint. Second, I display my ability to provide analytic writings of varied topics like Somalia and Yemen.

Homepage Screenshot: 
Design Process: 

For my portfolio I decided to change several things with CSS:
1) logo width
2) body and background color
3) font style
4) font color
5) wrapper image
6) body background to a gradient
7) font size
8) font weight
9) the color of the font above each blog entry

10) I also decided to add a link that said portfolio and took the reader directly to the part of my blog that contains the entries I want them to read of my portfolio.

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