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msmith4's Digital Identity

I feel that my online portfolio reflects my personal favorite design aesthetics. Combining clarity and readability, I successfully created the crisp and clean design which I desire so much. The text is large and the colors that I chose to incorporate are easy on the eyes. Each physical section is marked off and makes the whole thing a bit easier to navigate and gives definition. My home page is welcoming and not too austere. I included my contact information just in case. At the core, I wanted visitors to feel free to poke around and act a little nosey. The whole site is designed to encourage visitors to click and explore my work.
Each page that I included highlights my work this year that I need to showcase in order to be competitive in today’s job market. I have included archaeology work, CSS work, visuals that I have created, and image editing projects. I feel that it’s important to let potential employers know that I have a wide range of skills and knowledge in “newer” technology. I incorporated projects which used AutoCAD, Word, Prezi, CSS, Aviary and Google Earth. At least half of these projects, if not all of them, highlight my ability to apply technology in a professional manner.
The content of my featured work is mostly focused on archaeology, since Historic Preservation is my major and archaeology my desired professional avenue. I included my most recent projects and papers, namely my Classical Archaeology thesis. Visitors will most likely skip reading the whole paper, but I feel that they might be impressed with the fact that I wrote one. Another one of my favorite pieces is the Google Earth archaeology project that I worked on for Ferry Farm. Using several different technologies, I was able to create an interactive Google Earth file that educated visitors about the site’s archaeology and overall significance.
Overall, an online portfolio is a great way to showcase all of my best work, especially since paper versions just don’t do justice for some of them, especially my Google Earth archaeology project. It’s a great thing to just stick into a resume or to say after an interview “just check out my blog to see my work”. What a way to show technological knowledge and to have a portfolio that multiple people can view at the same time.

Homepage Screenshot: 
Design Process: 

1) changed header color - wanted it to stand out from body
2) changed padding on main column - more room
3) black tagline - more streamlined and professional
4) larger font size - top menu - larger text makes the site more user-friendly
5) change header 2 menu - more definition to posts
6) post background color - consistency
7) post padding - definition
8) metapost baground color - consistency
9) side bar text color - highlights the area so it isn't lost
10) portfolio text/header - larger text; draws people in

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