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my asian butterfly


My family owns a large plot of land that my private motocross track is located on, also on this large plot of land there is an old field house in the woods. we would have demolished this house but we decided that we would put a refridgerator in it so when my friends are out riding on a hot day we can go to the old house for shade and to get a gatorade from the refridgerator. this past weekend a few of my friends and i were taking a break from riding and decided to treat ourselves to some ice cold gatorades. We hoped off our race bikes and leaned them up against the house as we usually do and proceeded into the house. As soon as we entered the house, my friends and i stopped dead in our tracks dropped our helments out of shock and observed an asian ghost starring right at us, guarding the refridgerator. We were frozen in fear, we stood there for almost 30 seconds before she vanished. Once she had disappeared we look at one another and i said "well i dont know about you guys but im still parched" they laughed and we proceeded to get gatorades then quickly departed.


Maybe the ghost was thirsty too! I like that you framed her in the door way, it seems to be a place where a lot of ghosts hover. However, what really makes this image spooky is that you can still see the rest of the house behind her.

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