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Obesity In Virginia

The image I have created displays the rapid increase of obesity in the state of Virginia. In the beginning I was not sure how to display the data I collected until I was looking at the shape of the state. At first I wanted the dates and the years to be inside the state but realized it was too confusing and clustered. Next I tried to put all of the information inside the state and only keep the percentages on the outside and not include the dates but the dates were needed to really grasp the significant increase.

As you can see I tried to show the increase in the percentage of population of Virginians being considered obese with the shape of the state. The percentages jump two years at a time beginning in 1991 and ending in 2009. The colors I chose for the percentages, progressing from white to red, are supposed to represent the strength of obesity in the state. White represents the lowest percentage whereas red represents the highest. I also made the lowest percentage and corresponding year and the highest percentage and corresponding year larger than the other numbers to show the extreme difference from 1991 to 2009. At the bottom I decided to include some important facts I found. I think the facts do a good job of summarizing what the data represents and give more specific details on obesity in our country and state.

Robin Williams’ says items are in close proximity when they become one unit. When I look at my final product, the outline of the state and the data really come together as one representing a graph-like visual. I would have been easy to try and fill up the whole state with information but the “white space” was needed in the image. There was not a lot of repetition used in my image other than with colors. The color red was used repeatedly with the “negative” aspects of obesity as you can see with the 2009 percentage and the facts at the bottom. The colors of red and white I used also show alignment, I tried to make sure the white in the title was not near the white in the numbers, so there was not too much white in one area. Same goes for the red in the facts and the red in the data. I did not want to have blobs of white and red all over and I think the separation of the colors also connects them together. The contrast of the black background and the light blue state of Virginia really helps the title, facts, and data stick out in the image. Overall I think the final product does a good job getting the attention of readers in an interesting way, with not too much to read, and is not confusing to comprehend.

Data Used in Final Product:

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