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Over the Limit

The goal of this one player video-game “Over the Limit” is to get through each level without crashing while intoxicated. First, you will distinguish whether you are male or female as well as giving your age and your roundabout weight so the computer can properly determine how “drunk” you are. Next you will decide your drink of choice- beer, mixed drinks, shots, or a combination of them all. Once you start to play you must get through each level without crashing, the longer you last the more drinks you intake. After getting through each level it will show you your BAC level. For each drink you intake the screen will get blurrier and more obstacles will be needed to be overcome before moving to the next level. Each level is not the same in order to make the game more difficult.


“Over the Limit” argues the point of when you are truly over the limit to be able to drive after drinking. This is not to argue that one should be able to drink more and still be legally allowed to drive, it is to make people realize the extreme danger of drinking any amount and then driving. In Ian Bogost’s Persuasive Games he defines procedural rhetoric as “the practice of persuading through processes in general and computational processes in particular”.

As in his first chapter we will see how this videogame is procedural, rhetoric, and then combine the two in order to see how it is a procedural rhetoric game. Being a videogame, thus on the computer, “Over the Limit” demands many commands of the system in order for one to properly play the game, which defines it as procedural. By definition, Bogost would describe something as rhetoric if the ideas are an “effective expression”. The expression of the idea of drinking and driving and the argument of at what BAC level is “acceptable” to be able to drive is a view that Bogost would consider as rhetoric. The mission of “Over the Limit” provides very effective and successful arguments of the drinking and driving limits. As previously stated, combined, procedural rhetoric is the practice of persuading through processes. “Over the Limit” consists of many arguments through the processes of the game in which one would realize drinking and driving at any stage is not tolerable.

In result of playing “Over the Limit” individuals should take away the importance of being responsible when drinking. It is understandable that college students, adults, etc. get put in situations where driving might seem like the only thing they can do, however, it is not. There is always the option of calling a taxi or asking a friend. After playing this game, one should be inspired to practice safe actions and make intelligent decisions when having even just a drink or two. You hear about accidents all the time that result in death because of drinking and driving. This is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.


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