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Painting the Distance

This is a visual representation of just how much painting I have done over the past three summers working on UMW’s student paint crew. I decided to first figure out how many rooms I have cut-in so I counted the number of rooms in each dorm building that I painted. I then compared this number to the number of rooms in a local hotel and discovered that I have painted around seven hotels, based on room number. Because my job is usually to do the cut-in for rooms (painting in the corners of a room where the two walls meet, where the roller cannot reach), I decided to measure the distance that I have painted. I went about this by using the average double room size to calculate the distance of cut-in per room. While this includes the perimeter of the room, it also includes cutting in around windows and doors, including the closet doors. Once I came up with a distance in feet, I simply converted that number to miles and found that it was about fifty miles of painting.

It was the gradual calculation of all the different ways to look at how much I painted that helped inspire the visual aids in the information graphic. Actually showing seven hotels seemed to really help demonstrate how much I’ve painted and to indicate just how much can be painted in three summers. The distance between here and Washington, D.C. is also understood by most people that are familiar with Fredericksburg but the map helps to show the fifty miles from Fredericksburg to D. C.. The map also tells more about my painting job because the line between the two cities is white which is the main color I use in painting (if you notice, all of the dorm rooms are white or some slight variation of white). The picture of the brush is also fairly accurate in that I use a three-inch brush to paint cut-in and, while the size of the brush is not three inches, the proportions are relatively accurate. I decided to keep the graphic neat looking because it would then be easier to read and understand than had I added more pictures and conversions of my painting work. This is also why I chose to maintain the same font for the entire graphic as well as the same paintbrush icon. I am sure that this graphic has more meaning to me than anyone else because it has to do with my personal experience on the student paint crew, but it is interesting to see what students are doing to improve the dorms during the summers and how much work they are putting in to make the University a better place to live.



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