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Politico is a new game that will sweep the nation. This game is a single player role player game for the computer. It would probably be most successful as an online flash game. The user starts the game by defining some of the characteristics of their player. They choose the player’s gender, name, the state they are representing, the district of the state, party affiliation, the committee(s) that their character will be on, and the issues of their constituency. After completion of the player’s characteristics the game begins. As a new representative you have to work to keep your constituents happy, while maintaining enthusiasm towards the job, and staying in good favor with your peers in Congress.
During gameplay the user has a plethora of options to reach their goals of becoming re-elected, running for senator, and eventually earning a seat in the White House. The player can: answer a call from a constituent, attend a committee meeting, attend a Congress session, talk to a lobbyist, talk to another representative, talk to a senator, vote in a Congress session, view important new events, talk to the press, and run for re-election. The player tries to set up relationships with other members of Congress for support in bills that help the player’s constituency. However, during a session of Congress the player’s bill maybe susceptible to a filibuster or voted down due to back door dealings by the opposing party. The player can lose public approval by voting against something that hurts his constituency in favor of improved relations with members of Congress. The player “wins” if they are able to rise in the political ranks to the President of the United States.


The theme of this game mirrors the general feeling by Americans towards politics as a whole. That is, many Americans find politics to be off-putting. This game is intended to frustrate the user. If the user makes one questionable decision or is caught in a compromising position their chances to run for President become nil. In many cases the game will be so frustrating that the player will simply quit rather than finish the game. I expect that the enthusiasm bar on the bottom of the screen will probably mirror the enthusiasm of the user, the game will either become too frustrating or the user will be turned away from the amount of time and luck it takes to be elected president. It has been designed this way to represent just how difficult it is to eventually become president and how disappointing the political arena is in general, especially for Representatives from smaller districts.


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