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rflahert's Digital Identity

I wanted to keep the overall design of the website very easy and simple. I wanted my work to be able to stand for itself. For the home screen I kept it as a blog style. I changed the first post to introduce visitors to my site. Any new updates about myself or what I am doing will replace that initial post going forward. I kept the homepage open so that the reader's eyes would navigate towards the top bar underneath the title. Here is where all my individual pages are. I decided to add my essays as separate pages for now because I only included three. However, going forward I would probably switch to one "essay" page parenting several children pages with the essays separated there. I made a separate page for some of the maps that I have made in college. That page was not all inclusive. I plan to add more later. i wanted to make it as a gallery with thumbnails all next to each other like a grid, but the coding was not being cooperative enough. I wanted to be able to use this site as a place for potential employers to find me, look at my work, and contact me going forward.

As I mentioned I wanted to keep the layout and design relatively simple. Still, changes from the initial layout had to be made. First I changed the background color of the site to a basic light gray. I then had to change the individual page background color back to white so that it would pop. I then addressed the title of the website. I changed the style to a serif font. I chose times new roman. I also changed the font size so that it would fit within the page limits and floated the title to appear centered on the page. I made the color of the title red because it is my favorite color. Plus, I like the way that it looks against a white background. I added a new header image so I had to adjust the width of the page to allow for that change. After these changes I noticed that the text on my pages appeared right where the white and gray met. I added a padding to the page titles and page content to clean up the look. I changed the font style of my page's content to a sans-serif font (arial) to make reading easier for my site's viewers. Finally, I made the page links of my navigation bar bold so that they would stand out better.

Overall, I am very content with how my page turned out. It reflects my personality well. I am a reasonably simple person. Anything too flashy just would not feel right for me. I have included a lot of information that would be attractive to potential employers. Going forward, I would continue to upload more information. I plan to add more of the hundreds of maps that I have created here at Mary Washington and I want to add my senior research paper and a few other papers that I am particularly proud of. I also plan to add my resume to the site to allow easy access for potential employers. I appreciate learning these tools because I know it is a valuable asset that employees look for. There may have been a high learning curve, but I hope to be able to update and make this site look and function better going forward.

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All aspects of my design are included in my reflection. Ooops!

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