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rocknroller22's Digital Identity

I have created a number of websites for my mom and her art friends. Her website:
I have my own website for my music magazine at
I created a website for David Micsky Construction at
I have created a number of websites like for The Senior Visitors Program which is about to go live:
With this site I was really able to put together for this class I feel like it is a fair representation of all I have learned along the way obviousally I have alot more to learn when it comes to CSS and coding but I feel like I can surround myself with people who are more knowledgable about it and slowly but surely I will grab onto little pieces of information and grow more and more informed about all of it.

Design Process: 

When in doubt turn to Google. That is what I have done and what I did with this particular project. I worked out my PowerPoint and outlined all of the work I have done through out this course uploaded it to a google document, shared it with everyone and then grabbed the embed code and put it in my site, much like I would put a newsletter or magazine into one of my other sites. I linked my blog and included the feed of the blog in the sidebar. I think this was super important especially since I have been working on the blog for a nearly two years now. As far as specific coding I started to do so but then I worked with a previousally created outline and I didn't see why I couldn't just work with a previousally established outline and create my information around it especially since I did so much CSS and HTML with my magazine's website at:

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