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Running Around the World

Eating properly is a very important component in having a balanced lifestyle. Therefore, the point of my game is to get your person to run around the world as quickly possible. The person has the potential to run around the world quickly, if you feed them the proper foods. Therefore, you have the option of feeding them fruits and veggies or junk food. It would be more beneficial for your final score to feed your person the healthier food options, so they can have the optimum amount of energy to complete their journey around the world. During their journey, they will be faced with feelings of fatigue and cramping. You will need to figure out which foods will get them through the challenge!


The objective of this game is to learn how nutrition is such an important part in an overall balanced lifestyle. "We are what we eat," is a common expression used by many individuals...and I am trying to convey that message in the game I created. It is important to incorporate nutrition into any workout regime, and it is also important to understand that consequences of what we put in our bodies. The consequences of eating poorly include fatigue, weight gain, slower brain function, and lack of energy. All of these feelings, can prevent individuals from successfully completing a work out. This topic pertains to me individually. A few years ago, I used to be a part of the Mary Washington Cross Country and Track Program. I came into college, after I successful high school career, ready to improve in college. Unfortunately, the dinning facilities on campus, and the late night excursions to Taco Bell, did not help me improve upon my running. It was definitely my down fall, and it is unfortunate to think that if I had payed attention to what I was putting into my body, the fate of my running career could have been different. I would like to encourage others and keep myself accountable in choosing healthy eating habits.

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