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Save Japan

Collect coins by completing levels one through three in order to get to the final level. The final level will give you a chance to go back in time and prepare for the earthquake and tsunami. Each level has a specific task and you must collect enough water, people, or tools in order to help re-build Japan. If you complete a level you will earn a coin. The game can be played by one or two people. The main character will be the snow monkey and the second player the slow loris.


This is a video game is modeled after Donkey Kong Country. The theme is similar but there are only four levels. The title of the game is Save Japan and each level pertains to current efforts in order to help rebuild Japan. The goal of the first level is to search and collect missing people and return them to their homes. Your goal is to collect at least ten missing people and you will receive a coin at the end of the level when this is completed. The objective of the second level is to search and find the tools needed to rebuild roads, houses, and various buildings. Since the tsunami has displaced many of these tools, this will not be an easy task. If you collect enough tools to repair either a road, house, or building, at the end of the level you will earn a coin. The purpose of level three is to travel around the island collecting as much water as possible, but there's a catch, you cannot take water from water sources for animals or people. At the end of this level you will use a hose to spray the fuel rods and if you've collected enough water to cool one rod for a short period of time you will receive a coin. So, the whole objective of the game is to earn coins at the end of each level, and these three coins will give you access to the fourth level. Level four is a little different. You have the ability to go back in time and prepare for the earthquake and tsunami. But is there really any way you can prepare for something like that? The argument I am trying to make in this game is that it will be an on-going battle for some time to fix Japan. The game is geared for the player to never actually earn all three coins. It would be hard to find ten missing people, obtain enough water to cool a fuel rod, or to fix a road by yourself, or even with a buddy. So the player never gets the opportunity to go back in time, much like real life. I'm not saying that Japan can never recover but I think that it is a wake-up call to the severity of the situation in Japan. The most unstable part of Japan's recovery right now is the nuclear power plant. The radiation will kill those trying to cool the rods and it is leaking into the agricultural fields, reaching the animals that serve as a food source. I'm not sure if they have come up with a solution as to how to fix the cooling system for the fuel rods, but I imagine it will not be an easy task and it will be a dangerous one at that.
When I drew up the video game I wanted to include some aspects of Japan. I used mountains and had the ocean come in on the right side. The character I drew in is that of a snow monkey which is a native animal of Japan. If you play with two people the second player is called a slow loris, which is another type of monkey native to Japan. My main objective for this game is to spread awareness and help people to realize that this is not an easy fix, and it is going to take a lot of time to rebuild Japan.


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