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She just wanted to check her makeup, too.


An impromptu snapshot turned out to be more than what anyone had bargained for. "Get a picture of me putting on my lipstick," Lisa had instructed her friend as she handed her a camera, "I want to make it my Facebook profile picture." Needless to say, she didn't wind up using this photo afterall...


**I'm sorry I posted this late, I forgot to do anything but save the picture in my Aviary account, then I ran off to a meeting I had to get to before my next class. I hope I can still get credit for my work in class today.**

i love the ghost showing up in the mirror! that's seriously one of my greatest fears - looking into a mirror and seeing something otherworldly. kudos!

This is great! And extremely creepy

This definitely freaks me out. It's straight out of a horror movie - great job!

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