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The Simple Math Game

The Simple Math Game

Game Type: Internet Game. It’s a website.

Playing Field: Since the game is an internet game on a website, the playing field is just the image of the game with the question being asked which is attached.

Rules: There is one question; you only have to answer the one question correctly to win the game.

Players: One. The only player is the person answering the question.

Tools: Every possible math tool can be used such as equations, calculators, textbooks, etc… The player can use anything that they think they may possibly need.

Time: You have one year to answer the question correctly and win the game… except you can’t.

It is impossible to win the game. You have one year to figure it out, but you won’t.


Albert Einstein once said, “As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.” Mathematics has never been a very desirable subject, especially among students. Math is abstract, complicated, and confusing. Many people believe that math is specific and concrete, however, that belief is incorrect. The higher the level of math, the more abstract and complex it will get. In the mathematics world, there are numbers called Mersenne Primes. These numbers are positive prime integers that are one less than a power of two. Currently, there are 47 Mersenne Primes are known. It takes years to find a Mersenne Prime, just like it requires a lot of time, energy, and effort to produce most mathematics.
The Simple Math Game is called simple to be ironic. With math, nothing is ever simple. The linguistic meaning of the game incorporates the name, the question of the game, and the time given to complete the game. When considering only the name and rules of the game, one can come to the conclusion that the game seems simple. Given the name, which as stated earlier, uses the term “simple” to describe it, without considering the possibility of irony, one can assume that the game is in fact, simple. By merely reading the question or the rules of the game, one can still come to the same conclusion. The idea of the game is to answer the one question, which doesn’t appear too difficult. However, the time allotted to finish the game may trigger some hesitation. The time given is one year. If one year is given to answer one question, it gives the idea that the question is difficult to answer. There are two different linguistic meanings, that the game is simple and that the game is difficult. With only linguistic meaning, it is hard to tell what the game is implying.
Analyzing the coded iconic messages of the game, specifically, the image of the playing field, one would most likely first notice a crazy looking male cartoon. The cartoon is pointing to a chalkboard, which may signify that he is a professor, and the math symbols written all over the chalkboard may present him as a math professor. The fact that the professor is pointing to words written on a chalkboard indicates that he is asking the question written. The game player can come to understand that the game setting is a math classroom.
Non-coded iconic images would be pretty difficult to make sense of considering this game. A man, a chalkboard, and math could represent so many things. When taking into account the linguistic meaning, and non-coded iconic messages the coded-iconic message is produced, which is idealistically what the reader should interpret from this game. Math is an extremely difficult subject. One can spend endless time, energy, and effort on math work and still struggle and fall short. This game cannot be won. It takes math experts and geniuses years to find Mersenne Primes, so to ask an average game player to produce the next Mersenne Prime is exactly impossible. The Simple Math Game is a metaphor for life as a math student.


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